Rob Croxford

Rob has been working full-time on his art since 2004. In that time he has rebuilt from a devastating studio fire, painted over 1750 works of art and shown in over 170 juried exhibitions including; The Toronto International Art Fair, The Artist Project and The One of a Kind Show. Rob is represented in a few Ontario and US galleries, is in the permanent City of Toronto Art Collection, as well as numerous private collections all over the world. His art has been in a bunch of Toronto magazines, on the cover of Quill & Quire magazine and he is even featured in a coffee table book! You can find his merch at several Ontario retailers including The Spacing Store & Sonic Boom! Rob has been profiled in the press, on blogs and by The Jealous Curator (which is kind of a big deal).

Rob Croxford paintings are a carnival of colour and whimsy! His vintage-inspired work is instantly identifiable, and his clever approach to art merges pop culture, nostalgia typography and humour.

Karen Taylor

In 2004, Karen escaped from the cold, rainy weather of Scotland to settle here in Toronto. Three years later she began exhibiting her abstract paintings. Her current work celebrates the art of typography: “In our social media lives we continuously take in streams of fonts and characters. How often do we pause to take in the shape and form of these marks which convey so much information. These acrylic paintings explore the abstract patterns our words create”.

She is a member of the Ontario Society of Artists, the Society of Canadian Artists, and the Colour and Form Society.

Zoey Zoric

Zoey began oil painting in 2013 after a lengthy career in the computer animation/entertainment industry. Seeking tangible, tactile experiences, Zoey fell in love with all of the lush sensory qualities of oil painting. Zoey currently resides in Toronto. When she is not painting, she is enjoying her other passion, teaching Digital Painting at Centennial College.

About her current work Zoey says:
“My paintings are an exploration of inner worlds and relationships. I believe our greatest strengths are rooted in a positive inner voice.  There is power in expressing patience, compassion, and even love to our own self.

I aim to capture these unique strengths to distill and amplify this power for my viewer. A reminder these universal strengths exist in each of us.”

Janne Reuss

Janne Reuss was born and raised in Mexico City, and after traveling and living in different countries, she decided to settle down for good in Toronto. Her multicultural and immigrant background, have had a profound impact on her personal life and artistic work. Her art education in Germany was mainly conceptual but her cultural heritage and upbringing in Mexico marked her with an almost opposite sensibility; both influences merge and are visible in her work. Reuss’s inner landscapes are like photographic x-rays that explore a complex map of human existence. The ambiguous spaces she creates inquire how experiences of home and belonging are stored and imprinted inside of us.

She studied Fine Arts at the Academy of Art & Design in Stuttgart, Germany, and History of Art in Mexico. Her work is held in private as well as public collections, amongst them: The Donovan Art Collection at St. Michael’s College, Toronto, Canada (2013), and the Municipal Gallery Ostfildern, Germany (2008).